“Mushroom” Rubellite Tourmaline on matrix from Myanmar (Burma)



7.8 x 7 x 6.5 cm

246.5 grams

Here we have a rare, exceptional “mushroom” Tourmaline specimen with a juicy red color and good form, exhibiting dozens of terminations as a result of sprayed growth from a central Schorl core. Normally, this would result in the classic botryoidal structure that lends the material its name, however this piece here does not conform to the norm in terms of its structure and the added bonus that it’s also a matrix specimen! The Tourmaline crystal itself is 4.9 cm tall! Some damage to the top of the piece, near the back, but does not detract from it at all. With our trade embargo on Myanmar still in effect, new material is difficult to acquire! Such an important piece as this does not come up everyday…

Please note that the picture shows two views of the same specimen.



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