Tela’s Jewels

Designs by PüTzu

Inspired by the quintessential modern psychedelic rock band, Phish.
One day, I had a true vision.
I was at The Gorge for Phish in 2018, enjoying a glorious sunset.
As Phish segued into the song Tela, I was reminded of a hat pin I’d made in 2011, with Tela on a horse, overlooking the sunset across the vast canyon.
See, the legend says that Tela was born in a vulgar crooked hut
In the shadow of the evil King Wilson’s castle.
And it is believed she ended up being one of the leaders of the revolution.
Well, as we all know, revolutions need finances, and I discovered that night the secret of the revolutionaries’ finances were found in stolen silver, gold and gems.
Treasures that were stolen from the evil King Wilson’s vaults and turned into clandestine demure pieces of jewelry that the revolutionaries could wear in stealth to know each other when they passed on the road or met in a tavern.
Stolen to both undermine the heavy handed evil King Wilson and to provide the people of the land with a way to secret away their own meager fortunes.
Like a laser beam from a UFO, I knew that I had to create replicas of Tela’s Jewels.
Using a few classic icons and a few of my own brainchilds I came up with the first 4 designs, immediately scratching them down on the back of a flyer that had been left on my car during the show.

All prices below include shipping in the USA. Please send an email pustuff (at) gmail to purchase, as you may be aware, I travel 80% of the year, so I can’t ship immediately, however, I can give you a ship date and tracking information, and I NEVER fail to follow through as promised.


Ghost- $80

story of the ghost pendant
Shown here with custom tanzanite and tsavorite garnet eyes
Available in Citrine, Peridot, Amethyst and Blue Topaz
The great and knowledgable Icculus lived on top of the mountain though nobody had ever seen him, and none could not prove that he actually existed. He gave the Lizard People the Helping Friendly Book because it contained all of the knowledge inherent in the universe, and had enabled the Lizard People to exist in harmony with nature for years.
After the evil King Wilson stole the Helping Friendly Book, Tela created the Ghost pendant measuring approximately 3.3 cm or 1.3 inches with the inscription “Maybe he’s still with me” to remind the wearer, that even though Wilson has stolen the Helping Friendly Book, Icculus and all of the knowledge inherent in the universe remains within the wearer of this piece.
Reverse of Ghost

Antelope- $75

Phish run like an antelope sterling silver pendant
Of the many varied positions in any revolution’s army, the scouts are often one of the most important. It is the scout whose business it was to collect all possible information regarding the enemy.
The antelope design was created for those scouts in order to remind them that when they set their gearshift for the high gear of their soul, giving their all to their cause, coming from the true goodness in one’s soul, they’ll be able to Roll like a Cantaloupe out of control. Antelope is available in sterling silver approximately 3.7cm or 1.5 inches.
Phish run like an antelope back
Reverse of Antelope

Slave- $160

Slave to the Traffic Light
Slave was designed for all the people of Gamehendge, whether you lived in the city or in the zoo. Each gemstone has be selected to remind you that for everything there is a season. The deep red garnet is to remind one that there will be times to stop wait for the right time to come. The yellow citrine is to keep in mind to generally proceed with caution in one’s life. The green peridot is there to remind you when it’s time to go, GO!
Slave is available in sterling silver measuring approximately 4.8 cm or 1.9 inches. It is a stately piece and carries the gravity of each and every situation and the thought that must go into each decision. All the while, keeping in mind that sometimes the stupid traffic light just won’t let you through and you must be patient, grasshopper, and all will work out.

Makisupa- $90Sterling Silver Phish Makisupa Policeman Badge

The Makisupa Policeman’s Badge, once reserved for those individuals who were either in the King’s Guard, or the braver revolutionaries who spied disguised as members of the King’s Guard, have now been released for the everyday people of Gamehendge.
Tela’s intention was to remind everyone that safety and security start with oneself, and each person needs to police their own actions first, before believing they can police someone else’s actions.
Inscribed on the reverse with the truism, “You have the right to remain funky” as one of our inalienable rights. Cast in sterling silver measuring approximately 3.3 cm or 1.3 inches these are available with Citrine, Amethyst, and Blue Topaz.
Sterling Silver Phish Makisupa Policeman Badge
Reverse of Makisupa Policeman
Chapter 2
Next up after that weekend, after that enlightening show at the Gorge, when Phish encored with The Lizards, I saw the gemstones lining the lizard in the lights that night and thus was born:

The Lizard- $150

Perhaps one of the most significant and highly sought after of Tela’s Jewels is the Lizard.
Crafted from sterling silver and one of the rarest gemstones in all of Gamehendge, chrome diopside from Russia, or perhaps, in fact, from King Wilson’s chromium mines deep in the mountains of Prussia, this piece represents the Lizard people themselves. The Lizards were race of people who were practically extinct from doing things smart people don’t do. (sound familiar?)
As we all know, and have learned time and time again, the trick is to surrender to the flow, and this is inscribed on the reverse of each piece.
Bubbles evolved as I was deep in designing a lot of Grateful Dead jewelry at the time and realizing how we, the Deadheads had co-opted the lighting bolt. Maybe it really like the Jolly Roger and nobody can hold claim to it. So, anyway, that’s where I was inspired to design a piece that evoked the bubbles from Phish’s NONO logo. Rounding out my 1st release of Tela’s Jewels with the piece simply titled

Bubbles- $65

Bubbles measuring approximately 4.1 cm or 1.6 inches is bubbling with examples of some of the greatest treasures from the evil King Wilson’s vaults. From top to bottom, Red Garnet, Citrine, Peridot, Tsavorite Garnet, Aquamarine and Blue Sapphire.


The Donut, only available by special order, each one is custom made with your choice of stones and the price ranges from $420 and up, depending upon the stones you choose. Shown here in Iolite and Garnet.

Email me at pustuff (at) gmail for more details.