Hi there, welcome to The Uncarved Block’s jewelry page.

After decades of playing with gems and minerals, I’ve found myself in a new hobby of designing jewelry.

All of the jewelry found on these pages has been designed by me, PüTzu.

I really started designing jewelry because of minerals.
It goes all the way back to find me as a rambunctious 5 year old, hunting for lost treasure in the backyard. And I got my first rock tumbler and I was off to the races, making jewelry from the polished pieces.
Even as a young hippie in college I was making elaborate seed bead necklaces, every one with a story behind it.
I love to tell tales.
Sometime in the early 90’s I found more precious stones could be obtained.
I realized I could save up and get myself a gem tourmaline pencil from Brazil, and when I did, immediately made a mounting for it so I could wear it and show it off.
I supplied some of the pioneers in the wire wrapping and early fabrication realm with some of their best gems.
Often I would offer to trade my treasures for their skills in putting together designs.
Some were drawn on napkins or ticket stubs and some were discussed over drinks and dinner.
All of my designs had a purpose and a story from “Pangea” (designed with a specimen from each of the 6 continents from which minerals can be legally collected) with Naomi Hinds, to “Beryl Collections” (designed with one of each of the minerals in the beryl family) with Gonzo, or “ROYGBIV Gem Collections” with Chris Landers. I traded Darin Bliss (Killer Wraps) for Jam Cruise tickets and more great adventures than I can count.

I am really enjoying this outlet and hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy creating these designs.

Please click the links below to visit the different facets of my creations.

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