(3) polished Shungite specimens from Lake Onega Russia


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3.1 x 1.5 x .8 cm

19.7 grams

Amazing material that’s been on everyone’s radar as of late… Rich in Carbon (98% by weight), Shungite can readily be used as a water purifier, with scientifically tested and confirmed anti-bacterial properties. The material has also been reported to contain fullerenes, which are complex Carbon molecules, in varying three dimensional, hollow shapes – some with names that might be familiar, such as Carbon nanotubes and buckyballs. The scientific application and potential of these fullerenes is nearly boundless, as much research has been conducted on the subject. There numerous claimed metaphysical uses for Shungite as well, some fall in line with scientific uses such as the water purifying ability of Shungite, thanks to the high surface area of the microscopic fullerenes contained within. Very exciting stuff here!



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